Airline Safety Ranking 2022


Get the annual Airline Safety Ranking.

The largest passenger airlines compared by their Safety-Risk Index.

This is the 2022 ranking, published in Jan 2022. All Data as of 2022-01-01.


This year’s Airline Safety Ranking appears somewhat different from the issues before however, our calculation method remains unchanged. The gist of the new appearance is that we split the entire list into four regional sections to better reflect the market presence in those areas. Each ranking list contains the largest 25 operators. The Top25’s listings are 1.=World, 2.=Africa+Asia, 3.=America (N+S), 4.=Europe+Eurasia. All rankings are sorted by their individual Risk-Index.

The Risk-Index expresses the level of operational safety by combining all available parameters (incidents/accidents, fatalities, systemic operational risks, global safety audits, etc) and relates them to the amount of passenger traffic an airline has amassed over a period of (maximum) 30 years.

The ranking will be renewed each year by the end of January.
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Learn more about the JACDEC Risk Index [LINK]

NOTE: The rankings are based on year-end data meaning some parameters can get outdated over the course of the year. For an up-to-date safety overview, we recommend checking our Safety Vetting, getting access to our Database, or obtaining a Safety Report of your airline of interest.

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