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The Airline Safety Ranking System

Airline Safety Ranking 2019 JACDEC Safety Index – All you must know

For over 12 years we develop the annual list of the largest airlines in the world, sorted by their Safety Index.

Most often we were asked to what extent one can ever compare airlines that operate are in different regions with different business models.

Is it possible to compare different airlines?

There are no two airlines, which were absolutely the same in all aspects. Nevertheless, it is the globalized system of civil aviation that in most parts of the globe rests by and large on similar foundations.

Certainly, the Index has its limitations and restrictions in terms of its meaningfulness. So all Index data is based exclusively on past events. A reliable statement for future risks of certain airlines can be derived only indirectly.

Furthermore, not every airline can be evaluated by the index. The ranking is limited to larger airlines that have achieved a minimum size in relation to their flown passenger kilometers (RPK). Regional Airlines, air-taxi companies or cargo airlines are therefore not shown by the Safety Index.

Since the early days, JACDEC has expanded and strengthened the Safety Index continuously.
Today, the calculation resembles hardly the relatively simple mathematics of the early years.

It would have been unthinkable to provide this flood of data and information in short periods of time in the analog age.

Eight central criteria now play into the Index calculation. (..see Index Section)

Some of our allies are the many governmental and supranational institutions that made week after week a variety of flight safety documents public.

All information available, whether single accident analytics or global studies are daily updated in our JACDEC-Database. Together with other renowned safety institutions, industry services, and private websites to form the backbone of our quality.

We believe that the JACDEC index is not perfect, but currently, the best tool to represent the complex subject of flight safety seriously.

Another note: Much more important than the placement within the ranking is the real Index Value of an airline. Often single rankings differ only in the per thousand range. To derive a de facto safety difference from it, would be wrong. More clearly than anything else is the Safety Index best indicating how an airline has done in comparison to previous years when it comes to its safety performance.

Many happy landings

Jan-Arwed Richter | Christian Wolf