Recent Accident + Incident Investigation Reports

JACDEC summary of recent accident / incident investigation documents

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All official investigation reports made available in chronological order (time of publication)


(this list contains direct download links in pdf format)

2008-03-15  Beech 1900  Wings Aviation   5N-JAH  Nigeria  FATAL ACCIDENT controlled flight into terrain PRELIMINARY FINAL
2010-08-21  Boeing 737-500  Aero Contractors Nigeria  5N-BLE  Nigeria  INCIDENT runway excursion on landing PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2014-03-08  Boeing 777-200  Malaysia Airlines  9M-MRO  unknown  FATAL ACCIDENT all signals lost in cruiseflight PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2012-03-28  Airbus A320  Air France  F-GJVA  Germany  SERIOUS INCIDENT ILS deviation, alpha-floor activation PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2013-01-29  Canadair CRJ-200  SCAT  UP-CJ006  Kazakhstan /MAK  FATAL ACCIDENT hit ground on final approach PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2013-04-29  Boeing 747-400  National Air Cargo  N949CA  Afghanistan  FATAL ACCIDENT loss of control after cargo movement PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2013-08-05  Boeing 737-800  Korean Air  HL7599  South Korea  SERIOUS INCIDENT runway overrun PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2014-12-29  DHC-8-200  Air Greenland  OY-GRK  Denmark  SERIOUS INCIDENT  veered off runway  PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2012-04-20  Boeing 737-200  Bhoja Air  AP-BKC  Pakistan  FATAL ACCIDENT crashed on approach in bad weather PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2013-03-19  Boeing 727-200  Kelowna Flightcraft   C-GKFJ  Canada  SERIOUS INCIDENT incursion with ground vehicles PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2014-01-10  Fokker 50  Amapola Flyg  SE-LIS  Sweden  INCIDENT runway excursion in crosswinds PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2013-11-29  Embraer E-190  Mocambique Airlines  C9-EMC  Namibia  FATAL ACCIDENT crashed after excessive descend PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2012-03-15  Convair CV-340  Jet One Express  N153JR  Puerto Rico  FATAL ACCIDENT crashed into lake after engine fire PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2010-09-24  Airbus A319  Windjet  EI-EDM  Italy  NON-FATAL ACCIDENT undershot runway in storm PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2013-10-16  ATR-72  Lao Airlines  RDPL-34233  Laos  FATAL ACCIDENT crashed into river bad weather PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2013-05-34  Airbus A320  Air Via  LZ-MDR  Bulgaria  SERIOUS INCIDENT overran runway after tailwind landing PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2014-04-01  Airbus A300-600F  DHL  D-AEAH  UAE  INCIDENT tipped on its tail during loading PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2014-01-29  DHC-8-200  Greenland Air  OY-GRI  Denmark  NON-FATAL ACCIDENT ran off runway on landing PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2014-09-20  DHC-6 Twin Otter  Hevilift  P2-KSF  Papua New Guinea  FATAL ACCIDENT CFIT on approach PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2014-01-29  Boeing 737-300  Cayman Airways  VP-CKY  Cayman Islands – UK  SERIOUS INCIDENT  near overrun PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2013-11-03  BN-2A Islander  Channel Islands SAR  G-CIAS  UK  NON-FATAL ACCIDENT  forced landing, fuel starvation PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2012-02-15  Metroliner III  Toll Aviation  VH-UZA  Australia  NON-FATAL ACCIDENT wheels-up landing PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2013-01-16  Boeing 787-800  All Nippon Airways  JA804A  Japan  SERIOUS INCIDENT evacuation after battery fire PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2012-12-08  Boeing 737-800  All Nippon Airways  JA57AN  Japan  SERIOUS INCIDENT runway overrun PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2011-09-06  Boeing 737-700  All Nippon Airways  JA16AN  Japan  SERIOUS INCIDENT  inadvertent violent roll PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2012-08-22  Saab 2000   Darwin Airline  HB-IZG  Switzerland  SERIOUS INCIDENT near-miss with lighttype PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2014-07-20  Boeing 737-800  EgyptAir  SU-GDY  Denmark  SERIOUS INCIDENT near-miss with lighttype PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2014-07-24  McDD MD-83  Swiftair  EC-LTV  Mali  FATAL ACCIDENT loss of control en-route PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2012-08-11  Airbus A340-300  Swiss Airlines  HB-JMN  Switzerland  SERIOUS INCIDENT  near miss with glider PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2012-06-02  Dornier DO328  SkyWork  HB-AES  Switzerland  SERIOUS INCIDENT near miss with helicopter  PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2014-02-16  DHC-6 Twin Otter  Nepal Airlines  9N-ABB  Nepal  FATAL ACCIDENT CFIT  PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2010-03-01  Airbus A300B4F  ACT Cargo  TC-ACB  Afghanistan  ACCIDENT Gear Collapse  PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2014-07-17  Boeing 777-200  Malaysia Airlines  9M-MRD  Ukraine  FATAL ACCIDENT Shoot Down  PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2013-08-14  Airbus A300-600F  UPS  N155UP  USA  FATAL ACCIDENT Crashed on approach  PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2014-08-15  BAe Jetstream 31  Links Air  G-GAVA  UK  NON-FATAL ACCIDENT Gear Collapse  PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2013-04-13  Boeing 737-800  Lion Air  PK-LKS  Indonesia  NON-FATAL ACCIDENT Water Landing  PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2013-07-13  Canadair CL-415  Gvmt of Newfoundland  C-FIZU  Canada  NON-FATAL ACCIDENT Water Impact  PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2013-07-23  ATR-72  TransAsia Airways  B-22810  Taiwan  FATAL ACCIDENT Crashed on approach  PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2013-04-10  Airbus A320  Monarch Airlines  G-OZBY  UK  SERIOUS INCIDENT Hard Landing  PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2013-09-14  Boeing 737-800  Ukraine International  UR-PSA  UAE  SERIOUS INCIDENT Undercarriage damage  PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2013-07-06  Boeing 777-200  Asiana Airlines  HL7742  USA  FATAL ACCIDENT Impacted seawall before ldg  PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2013-03-08  Beech 1900C  Ace Air Cargo  N116AX  USA  FATAL ACCIDENT CFIT  PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2011-01-11  Airbus A319  Cebu Pacific Air  RP-C3190  Philippines  SERIOUS INCIDENT Runway excursion  PRELIMINARY FINAL
 2012-02-12  Airbus A330-200  Air France  F-GZCG  France  SERIOUS INCIDENT Temp. Loss of Control PRELIMINARY FINAL