NOTE: JACDEC now offers a NEW Safety Vetting System. We will provide all information shortly.

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How does my airline perform in terms of safety compared to others ?

The JACDEC airline Vetting offers you a unique safety overview of all airlines in the world.
In a clear comparison table, over 1100 airlines from every region of the globe are displayed.

Information at a glance

The Safety Vetting is updated over 70 times a year.

What kind of information is provided ?

The vetting table consists of the following items:


Airline Name |

ICAO Code |

Business Type |

Country |



Inaugural year |

Fleet Age. in years |

On EU Black  List (Y/N) |

IOSA Certified (Y/N) |

USOAP Country ranking
(1 – 10)


  • 2015-VETTING_Screen5– Number of potential safety risks (0 – 9)
    – smaller airports
    – high terrain
    – limited airport infrastructure
    – only short and medium routes
    – ageing fleet
    – lack of state governance
    – political instability (security risk)
    – seasonal severe storms
    – seasonal snow / ice


Number of Serious incidents over the last 2 years | 

Number of serious incidents over the last 10 years |

Hull Losses of the last 30 years | Fatalities of the last 30 years |

Last Hull Loss (year)


 The AIRLINE Safety Index and2015-VETTING_Screen7

 the AIRLINE Safety Category

Safety Category Explanations
(A = excellent, B = okay, C = deficient, D = critical)

All of the 18 different categories (columns) can be individually arranged with just one click.

This table is fed directly from our central database and is therefore maintained always current.
The current security situation of each airline will display them in a color-coded box at a glance.

(Green = Category A, Category B = Yellow, Orange = Category C, red = Category D)


NEW Pricing

Ordering Process:

Once you´ve ordered a vetting product, you will get a confirmation message from us containing all necessary information about how to get access.

Normally your vetting access will start the next working day at 07:00 GMT standard time(07:00 UTC daylight saving time).[/vc_column_text]

The screenshot below shows you how many elements you can search.

A multi filtering tool is also enabled for instance when you want to display all Low-Cost Airlines operating in the Asia-Pacific region, or all airlines in the North American region that have the Safety Category „A“. (exemplary settings)




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