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2014-08-07 Aer Caribe An-26 landing without nosegear at Guaviare

On approach the pilots were unable to extend the nose gear.


2014-03-30 near mid-air collision of Swiss Avro RJ-100 and UL plane near Nuremberg

German BFU reports about a near collision between a swiss airliner with 72 on board and a german ultralight plane.


2014-08-05 Saudia Boeing 747-400 off the taxiway during line-up at Manila

The 747 taxied off the right side of the runway during line-up on runway 24 at Ninoy Aqino Intl Airport, Manila.


2014-07-28 T.A. Ribeiro EMB-110 Bandeirante landed in corn field near Foz do Iguacu

The propeller driven aircraft sustained irrepairable damge in a forced landing after mechanical troubles.


2014-07-23 Transasia Airways ATR-72 crashed near Penghu

The ATR crashed on approach to runway 20 at Penghu Islands Magong Airport  in rainy weather conditions.


2014-07-20 United Airways ATR-72 nose gear gave way on landing at Coxs Bazaar

Narrative Following a normal touchdown on landing, the nose un dercarriage sudenly gave way and the nose srike the fuselage producing sparks in the rollout until the ATR came to a safe stop. No passenger or crewmember was reported injured. The lower nose was substantially damaged. Coxs Bazaar Airport was forced to close completely since ...

2014-07-18 EP Aviation CASA 212 made forced landing after fuel exhaustion in Uganda

Narrative Pilots were forced to make an emergency landing on a public road near Kiwawu village after both engines experienced a power loss apparently because of fuel starvation. No person inside the aircraft was injured in the event. The landing site was the main road between Kampala and Mityana about 25 km north of the ...

2014-07-15 American Airlines B767-300 runway incursion at Milan-Malpensa Airport

Narrative The 767 landed normally on runway 35R at 09:36L and vacated the runway to the left to proceed to the terminal but need to hold before crossing the parallel runway 35L. However, the 767 failed to stop at the assigned holding line and entered the active landing runway 35L where the Easyjet Airbus A320 was on ...

2014-07-16 Republic Airlines Embraer E-170 ran off runway during test-run at Kansas City

Narrative On a post maintenance taxi test run in pre dawn darkness, with only two maintenance crew (not certified pilots) on board, the E-170 ran off the runway coming to rest about 150 meters further in deep grass.  Nobody was injured. Local media first reported the incident occured on runway 19R but aerial images showed it actually ...

2014-07-11 Transavia Boeing 737-800 hit by birds near Girona

Narrative On final approach to runway 20 at Girona Costa Brava Airport in final dusk, the aircrafts flightpath crossed a flock of seagulls. Several birds impacted on the nose, the cockpit windows, the engine intakes and the right wing leading edges. However, the pilots keep full control of the aircraft and manged to continue the ...
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