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The Airline Safety Report gives you an understandable overview of the current safety level of almost any commercial airline in the world.
Over the years, this expertise has become an important tool for travel managers, aviation professionals, or individual travelers who want to learn more about the security situation of one Airline.
In five pages gives the document the latest information about the fleet state compliance with international safety standards, as well as the possible Risikoparamter in the operational flight business.
You will also receive a summary of the last 30 years as well as a safety summary and a classification of the airline by regional standards.

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What do you get?

Basic Airline Data Detailed Fleet Analysis IOSA Membership Safety History of three decades USOAP Audit
Airline Financial Performance EU Black List Entry No. of Hull Losses and Fatalities Regional Safety Benchmarking Hijacking and Terrorism
Ownership Profile Network Profile  IASA Programme JACDEC Rating Operational Risk Evaluation
Worst Ever Accident Last Hull Loss Accidents Recent Safety Occurences Detailed Safety Evaluation Country Safety Profile
Airline Category 1*
EUR 26,90
Airline Category 1*
EUR 38,90
Airline Category 2*
EUR 35,50
Airline Category 2*
EUR 47,50

Airline Category 1 = smaller airlines with less than four years of service;

Airline Category 2 =  established carriers with longer history and larger fleets.

* = a 24 hours delivery schedule is only valid for a maximum of 5 reports per order per day. When ordering 6 to 10 reports, delivery time is extended to 48 hours. Delivery time of 10 reports or more exceeds 48 hours depending on the amount of orders and processing time. Delivery schedule begins only after your order is notified and confirmed in written form by Jacdec. Please check current restrictions when in place.