2018-03-12 US Bangla DHC-8-400 crashed on landing Kathmandu

2018-03-12 US Bangla DHC-8-400 crashed on landing Kathmandu

2018-03-12 US Bangla DHC-8-400 crashed on landing Kathmandu



The DHC-8 crashed on approach to Kathmandu Airport following confusion over the landing runway between pilots and the tower controller. 51 of 71 on board did not survive.

UPDATE 2018-04-10

On final approach to runway 02 at Kathmandu-Tribhuvan Intl Airport, the aircraft crashed short of the runway, broke apart and caught fire.

The Dash-8-400 (S2-AGU) was on a regular flight BS211 from Dhaka.

At the time there was a light tailwind component of six to seven knots. Landing direction was 02. The DHC-8-400 was following a Boeing 737-800 of Jet Airways (Flight JAI266 from Mumbai) that was landing about 3 minutes ahead of SB211 on runway 02.

According to transmissions by the Kathmandu tower controller, despite cleared to land on runway 02 the flight began deviating from its course.

A series of back-and-forth conversation emerged between the captain and the tower controller (both radio voices switched from female to male) about which runway the flight BS211 was aiming for.

Amid much confusion- mostly on the part of the flight crew of BS211-  the ultimate landing clearance on runway 02 was received. The crash occurred less them a minute after that.

Official media statements proclaimed that a total of 51 people did not survive, among them the entire flight crew and cabin crew of four.

About 15 minutes prior the arrival of BS211, the direction of landing has been changed from runway 20 to the opposite runway 02.

Tribhuvan airport closed for all traffic for 2,5 hours.

On Mar 13th, the flight data recorder (FDR) was found and retrieved from the wreckage for decoding and analysis.

On APR10th, the Nepalese accident investigation commission (AAIC) released a first preliminary report. [LINK]

(See ATC-conversation below)

METAR: Kathmandu Airport (VNKT):

12/03/2018 14:35->
METAR VNKT 120850Z 26007KT 140V300 7000 FEW015 FEW025CB SCT030
           BKN100 21/10 Q1015 NOSIG CB TO SE AND S=
12/03/2018 14:05->
METAR VNKT 120820Z 28008KT 240V320 6000 TS FEW015 FEW025CB
           SCT030 22/11 Q1015 NOSIG CB TO SE S AND SW=

Soundfile provided by LiveATC.net

ATC Radio Transcript Kathmandu-Tower:

(Note: this transcript is unofficial and can contain inadequate data)

BS211(female voice): „Good day, BanglaStar211 final runway 02.“
KTM-Tower: „BanglaStar211, tower. Wind 230 degrees eight knots, tailwind component seven knots, continue approach.“
BS211(female voice): „Continue approach BanglaStar 211.“

KTM-Tower: „BanglaStar211, wind 220 degrees seven knots, tailwind component six knots, runway 02 you’re cleared to land.“
BS211(female voice): „Cleared to land, BanglaStar 211.“
KTM-Tower: „BanglaStar211, tower?“
BS211(female voice): „Go ahead, sir.“
BS211(male voice): „Go ahead, mam‘.“
KTM-Tower: „BanglaStar211, you were given a landing clearance to runway 02.“
BS211(male voice): „Affirmative, mam.“
KTM-Tower: „You are going towards runway 20.“
BS211(male voice): „..(garbled transmission)..to runway 02.“
KTM-Tower (different voice): „…211, runway 20, cleared to land.“
BS211(male voice): „..cleared to land..(unintelligible).“
KTM-Tower (different voice): „BanglaStar211, Kathmandu Tower“
BS211(male voice): „Go ahead“
KTM-Tower (different voice): „BanglaStar211, request your intentions.“
BS211(male voice): „..(unintelligible)..“
KTM-Tower (different voice): “ BanglaStar211, that would be VFR.“
BS211(male voice): „Affirmative“
KTM-Tower (different voice): “ 211 join a ri…ehm..right downwind to runway 20.“
BS211(male voice): „Copied.“
KTM-Tower (different voice): “ …right downwind runway 02..“
Tower clears another aircraft (Buddha282) to land on runway 02.
KTM-Tower: „And BanglaStar 211, traffic at final eh..runway 02 at two miles, report sighting.“
BS211(male voice): „Copied, Sir. We’ll be at (..) runway  02.“
KTM-Tower: „Confirm you’re tracking towards runway 20 ?“
BS211(male voice): „Affirmative.“
KTM-Tower: „Right..left, right downwind runway 02, I say again Bangla 212 traffic is on final runway 02 landing on runway 02.“
BS211(male voice): „Copied Sir“
Tower confirmed landing clearance for the other aircraft (Buddha282) to land on runway 02.
KTM-Tower: „211 I say it again, do not proceed towards runway 20. Cleared to hold at your current position.“
BS211(male voice): „Okay, we’re making an orbit to the right, copied ?“
BS211(male voice): „Tower, 211, making a right holding, right holding for runway 02.“
KTM-Tower: „Okay that’s good but do not land. Traffic is on short final runway 02.“
BS211(male voice): „We have that, Sir copied. (unintelligible) we’re cleared to land“
KTM-Tower: „..BanglaStar211, runway..eh..cleared to land. Runway is vacated, either runway 02 or 20 ?“
BS211(male voice): „Yes
 Sir, we like to land on 20.“
KTM-Tower: „Okay runway 20, cleared to land. Wind is 270 degrees, six knots.“
BS211(male voice): „260 copied, cleared to land.“
KTM-Tower: „BanglaStar211, confirm you have the runway in sight?“
BS211(male voice): „Negative, Sir.“
KTM-Tower: „BanglaStar211, turn right and ah..you have the runway, confirm you have the runway not in sight, yet ?“
BS211(male voice): „Affirmative, we have (..) runway in sight. Requesting clear to land, Sir.“
KTM-Tower: „And BanglaStar211, cleared to land.“
BS211(male voice): „Cleared to land runway 02, BanglaStar212.“
KTM-Tower: „Roger, runway 02, cleared to land, BanglaStar211.“
BS211(male voice): „..sir, are we cleared to land ?“
KTM-Tower: „BanglaStar211, I say again..turn… (yelling in background).“
(end of BS211 transmissions)

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Listen to Kathmandu Tower Recording 0800-0830 UTC

Listen to Kathmandu Tower Recording 0830-0900 UTC


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© S. Gautam | TheHimalayanTimes

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Aircraft Involved

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Type: Bombardier DHC-8-400
Registration: S2-AGU (delivered to US-Bangla 2014-05-30)
Age a/c: 16.9179 years
Constr. No.: 4041
Previous Operators: Augsburg Airways / Lufthansa Regional 05-2008, Royal Jordanian AL 10-2015, Scandinavian AL 02-2001

Occupants & Casualties

Crew Pax Other Total
Occupants 4  67 0 71
Fatalities  –  – 0 51
Injuries 0  20


Date: 2018-03-12 Time: 14:20
Location: VNKT KTM Kathmandu
Country: Nepal
Flight phase: LDG – Flare, Landing Roll, Aborted Landing after Touchdown
Damage to a/c: hull loss

Flight no.: BS 211
From: VGHS/DAC: Dhaka-Shahjalal Intl (old code: VGZR) To: VNKT/KTM: Kathmandu
Type: Passenger
Operator: US-Bangla Airlines

JACDEC 25-year Statistics :

  • 3rd safety occurence for the operator
  • 146th safety occurence of type (DHC-8-400)
  • 22nd safety occurence at Kathmandu Airport
  • 2nd safety occurence for aircraft in question
    – 2015-09-04 S2-AGU experienced runway excursion after landing Saidpur, Bangladesh

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