2017 JACDEC Global Safety Review

2017 JACDEC Global Safety Review

2017 JACDEC Global Safety Review


(as of Jan 1st 2018)

A preliminary roundup of the accident year 2017 not only undercut previous years record-low fatality numbers, it marks a new jaw-dropping all-time record in aviation safety.

As always JACDEC is emphasizing the fact that not all the incident cases had been covered for 2017. As usual, there are further cases in 2017 to be published by authorities across the globe in the course of the year.

Preliminary analysis of the JACDEC Database System shows the following key safety parameters for 2017:

2017 2016
All Cases  566  688
Hull Losses* 29  41
Fatal Accidents 11 19
Serious Incidents 221  257
Incidents 316  390
Fatalities** 40  321
 JACDEC gathers all accident/incident cases of aircraft heavier than 5,7 tons or with a capacity of 19 seats or greater.

Considering the fact that about 4 bln passengers were carried in 2017 it’s fair to say that 2017 was the safest year in civil aviation, particularly when it comes to the risk of getting involved in a fatal accident. In spite of these fantastic fatality statistics, the numbers of serious incidents – where an accident was only narrowly averted – lessened only slightly.

JACDEC continues to analyze all relevant safety information of 2017 due to being published in the next issue of german Aviation Magazine Aero International.AeroIntl_logonew and on JACDEC.de

*   = hull loss means the aircraft either destroyed or damaged beyond repair
** = only on-board fatalities counted, no 3rd party or ground casualtiescopy-J_Icon72.png