2016-01-22 United Airlines Boeing 737-900 off runway at Chicago O’Hare

2016-01-22 United Airlines Boeing 737-900 off runway at Chicago O’Hare

2016-01-22 United Airlines Boeing 737-900 off runway at Chicago O’Hare


On landing runway 09L in snowfall, the aircraft veered off a taxiway until it came to rest in soft nsow. All on board remained uninjured.

After completion of the landing run on runway 09L (left) at Chicago O’Hare Intl Airport, the pilots apparently lost steering control when vacating the runway at the end to the right via taxiway „Mike“.

The aircraft began to slid off the eastern end of the taxiway/runway intersection coming to rest on snow and soft ground.

The passengers deplaned via stairways and rode buses to the terminal.

At the time of the landing local weasther consisted of moderate snowfall.

Weather at KORD (METAR):

KORD 221751Z 34009KT 2SM R10L/2800VP6000FT -SN BR FEW016 BKN028 OVC037 M03/M05 A3022 RMK AO2 SLP243 P0002 60002 T10281050 11028 21050 58009


METAR KORD 22nd @ 1751Z, wind from 340 at 9 KT, visibility 2 statute miles, runway visual range 10L 2800 VP, temperature missing, altimeter missing, 6-hour precip water equivalent 0 inches, terminal forecast – snow mist few016 bkn028 ovc037 m03 / m05 a3022 remarks: automated report w/precipitation discriminator, sea level pressure 1024.3 Mb, 1-hour precip water equivalent 0.02 inches, 6-hour precip water equivalent 0.02 inches, temp -2.8 dewpoint -5, max 6-hour temp -2.8, min 6-hour temp -5, 3-hour pressure tendancy: steady or increasing then decreasing OR decreasing then decreasing more rapidly 0.9 Mb

Location: KORD ORD Chicago O‘ Hare
Country: USA
Flight phase: LDG – Flare, Landing Roll, Aborted Landing after Touchdown
Damage to a/c: none

Flight no.: UA 734
From: KSFO/SFO: San Francisco Intl To: KORD/ORD: Chicago O‘ Hare
Type: Passenger
Operator: United Airlines

Type: Boeing 737-900
Registration: N36444
Age a/c: 5,2 years
Constr. No.: 31643

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Aircraft Involved

Occupants & Casualties

Crew Pax Other Total
Occupants 6 179 0 185
Fatalities 0 0 0  0
Injuries  0 0 0 0

JACDEC 25-year Statistics :

  • 130th safety occurence for the operator
  • 28h safety occurence of type (B739)
  • 7th hull loss accident at Chicago-O’Hare AP, USA
  • 1st safety occurence for aircraft in question

Runway Excursions at O’Hare Airport (KORD) 1990-2015:

  • 2013-11-06 Republic AL E-170, rwy 27L
  • 2008-09-22 American AL B752, rwy 22R
  • 2006-12-01 FedEx A300F, snow cond
  • 2006-05-02 AA Eagle E-135
  • 2000-12-11 Sun Country AL B722, snow cond
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