Updated JACDEC Airline Safety Ranking for 2015 released


Updated JACDEC Airline Safety Ranking for 2015 released

JACDEC is glad to announced this years Airline Safety Ranking

Are the safe times gone for good ?
The continued good recent development of aviation safety has not continued in 2014.
The risk of dying in a flight accident, although remains incredibly low in the past year.
But four unmet tragedies made 2014 a memorable and unique accident year that calls for processing. However, despite some concerns there is every reason to look optimistically forward.
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The newest update of our annual Airline Safety Ranking reflects the turmoil in the industry of 2014. A number well known air operators had an accident or a hull loss event. A much higher number of airlines experienced at least one serious incident, meaning an operational occurence in which an accident was only narrowly averted.

We have established this year´s TOP 60 airlines in terms of their safety performance.

JACDEC like to comment on the TOP three of them. All three companies came close to the best achievable safety performance and have proven over the years their ambibions for safe flight operations. Nevertheless, they differ only in the tenths of a percent.

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1. Cathay Pacific Airways (CX, CPA) Zero Fatalities and zero Hull Loss Events for the last three decades and one the one hand and a huge amount of acccident-free revenue traffic did make Hong Kongs leading airline belonging to the safety elite in past years. This  excellent result its crowned by the 1st place in the ranking.
2. Emirates (EK, UAE) The largest airline in the Middle-East comes in 2nd this year. Despite a period of immense growth from the 1990s until nowadays, the airline never lost a single aircraft. Also there never were any fatal accidents. The only negative spot is the quite high number of serious incidents.
3. EVA Air (BR, EVA) Taiwans 2nd largest Airline has always been among the best in terms of operational safety.  The overall performance in terms of accidents occcurences is even better than Emirates of Cathay but – compared to the other two – the airline lacks substantial numbers of revenue traffic because the fleet is comparably small and Eva Air commenced operations in 1991, 6 years after Emirates and 43 years after Cathay. In consequence, the relationship between traffic and incidents is a little less favourable for the Safety Index.


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