New Accidents & Incidents


based on 2015 values

 1  Cathay Pacific Airways Hong Kong 0,006
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 2  Emirates UAE 0,007
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 3  EVA Air Taiwan 0,008
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 4 Qatar Airways Qatar 0,009
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 5  Hainan Airlines China 0,010
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 6  KLM Netherlands 0,010
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 7  Air New Zealand New Zealand 0,011
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 8  Etihad Airways UAE 0,013
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 9  Japan Airlines Japan 0,015
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10  TAP Portugal Portugal 0,015
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11  Jetblue Airways USA 0,016
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12  Lufthansa Germany 0,016
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13  QANTAS Australia 0,016
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14  Virgin Atlantic Airways UK 0,017
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15  All Nippon Airways Japan 0,018
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16  Air Canada Canada 0,018
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17  Delta Air Lines USA 0,018
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18  British Airways UK 0,024
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19  Sichuan Airlines China 0,025
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20  Air Berlin Germany 0,025
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You can find the full ranking of all 60 airlines HERE

Latest Safety News

2016-10-05 Aer Lingus A320 and Air Dolomiti E195 in serious runway incursion at Brussels

The incoming Aer Lingus came into conflict with a departing Air Dolomiti / Lufthansa Regional aircraft at Brussels Airport.

2016-10-11 Polar Airlines Antonov AN-26 off runway accident in Belaya Gora

Whilst approaching Belya Gora in very low visibility conditions, the aircraft made an accidental off-airport landing ending on a frozen river. All 33 perons left the aircraft unhurt.

2016-10-11 China Eastern A320 and A330 in runway incursion at Shanghai

Both aircraft missed each other by only a narrow margin on the ground at Shanghai Airport, China.

2016-10-08 Air Vanuatu DHC-6 elevator cable snapped Walaha

Shortly before landing at Walaha, the elevator cable snapped. Despite the mishap, the pilots were able to land without further problems. The incident is under investigation.

2016-09-28 Turkish Airlines A319 dangerous missed approach near Sochi

After an abandoned bad weather approach to Sochi, the aircraft did not follow the prescribed route and came close to rising terrain. The flight was safely completed.

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