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based on 2016 values

 1  Cathay Pacific Airways Hong Kong 0,005
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 2  Air New Zealand New Zealand 0,007
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 3  Hainan Airlines China 0,009
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 4  Qatar Airways Qatar 0,009
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 5  K L M Netherlands 0,011
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 6  EVA Air Taiwan 0,012
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 7  Emirates UAE 0,013
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 8  Etihad Airways UAE 0,014
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 9  QANTAS Australia 0,015
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10  Japan Airlines Japan 0,015
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11  All Nippon Airways Japan 0,016
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12  Lufthansa Germany 0,016
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Latest Safety News

2017-01-16 MyCargo / THY Boeing 747-400F crashed near Bishkek

On landing to Bishkek in reduced visibility conditions, the aircraft  impacted ground outside the airport where it crashed killing all four occupants and at least 34 persons in a nearby village.

2017-01-03 Aeroflot Airbus A321 off runway at Kaliningrad

On landing the aircraft overran the end of the runway at Kaliningrad ending up in snow. All on board evacuated safely via chutes.

2016 Global Safety Review

2016 JACDEC Global Safety Review The year 2016 from a statistic perspective continued the long term trend of less fatalities and less hull loss* accidents than previous decades. Preliminary numbers...

2016-11-28 LAMIA Avro RJ-85 crashed near Medellin out of fuel

The aircraft crashed into mountainside on descent to Medellin when it approached the airport from the south at night. On board was the brazilian football team Chapecoense. There were 71...

2016-12-27 Jet Airways 737-800 off runway at Goa

The 737 ran off the side of the runway during take-off at Goa Intl Airport, India. 15 passengers sustained minor injuries.

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