New Accidents & Incidents


based on 2015 values

 1  Cathay Pacific Airways Hong Kong 0,006
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 2  Emirates UAE 0,007
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 3  EVA Air Taiwan 0,008
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 4 Qatar Airways Qatar 0,009
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 5  Hainan Airlines China 0,010
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 6  KLM Netherlands 0,010
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 7  Air New Zealand New Zealand 0,011
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 8  Etihad Airways UAE 0,013
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 9  Japan Airlines Japan 0,015
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10  TAP Portugal Portugal 0,015
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11  Jetblue Airways USA 0,016
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12  Lufthansa Germany 0,016
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13  QANTAS Australia 0,016
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14  Virgin Atlantic Airways UK 0,017
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15  All Nippon Airways Japan 0,018
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16  Air Canada Canada 0,018
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17  Delta Air Lines USA 0,018
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18  British Airways UK 0,024
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19  Sichuan Airlines China 0,025
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20  Air Berlin Germany 0,025
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You can find the full ranking of all 60 airlines HERE

Latest Safety News

2016-09-24 Yeti Airlines Jetstream overrun accident at Bhairahawa

On landing the aircraft overran the end of the runway at Bhairahawa Airport, Nepal.

2016-09-21 Thai Airways Airbus A350 runway excursion at Phuket

During landing at Phuket in bad weather, the Airbus A350 suffered a temporary runway excursion causing some gear damage. All on board were able to deplane unharmed.

2016-09-18 United A319 went off runway during line-up at Denver

During line-up for take-off, the Airbus A319 went off the side of the paved area.

2016-09-15 Typhoon Meranti left aircraft damaged at Xiamen

This is a summary of new reports about the devastating passage of super typhoon „Meranti“ when it made landfall close to the coastal city of Xiamen, China.

2015-03-05 Delta McDD MD-88 hit dike on landing at New York-La Guardia Airport

On landing runway 13 in snow, the MD-88 exited the left side of the runway coming to rest on a dike.

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