2018-09-01 UTair B737-800 overran runway at Sochi

UTair flight went beyond the end of the runway at Sochi-Adler Intl Airport and fell into a drainage ditch. There were a number of injuries among the 170 on board. The aircraft was damaged beyond repair.


2014-07-05 Argentine A340 and russian B763 in serious runway incursion at Barcelona, Spain

Message in fine weather, a serious runway incursion occured ta Barcelona´s El Prat Intl Airport. The Aerolineas Argentinas Airbus A340 was taxiing along taxiway "Kilo", crossed the threshold of runway 02 for the 1st time. Then the pilots intended to depart from runway 25R (instead of the shorter 25L) and turned left into taxiway "Delta", crossing the active runway ...