2016-07-13 Avianca Airbus A330 took off beyond the end of the runway at Bogota

On take-off run at Bogota, the Airbus overran the displaced end of the runway before getting airborne. The flight was continued without further incident.


2015-12-22 BoA Boliviana Boeing 737-300 went off landing runway at Sucre

On landing at Sucre in favourable weather conditions, the aircraft ran off the end of the runway coming to rest with all undercarriages on unpaved ground.


2015-12-19 LAM Mocambique Boeing 737 overran runway at Nampula

On landing in rain the 737 overran the end of the runway at Nampula Airport, Mocambique. All on board escaped without injury.


2015-09-25 GOL Boeing 737-800 off runway during backtrack at Rio-Santos Dumont

During line-up for take-off, the 737 skidded off paved surface ending halfway in the grass. There were no injuries.


2015-09-15 Qatar Airways Boeing 777-300 hit approach masts at Miami

Qatar Airways flight 778 just got airborne from runway 09 when its undercarriage struck approach masts of the opposite runway resulting in serious damage.


2015-06-02 Garuda Boeing 737-800 overran runway at Ujung Padang

The 737 overran the end of the runway by a few meters while landing in rain.


2015-04-25 Turkish Airlines Airbus A320 landing accident at Istanbul Airport

The aircraft was badly damaged after a hard landing and gear collapse at Istanbul Airport.


2015-03-05 Icar Air Let 410 landing incident at Ancona, Italy

Narrative On landing runway 04 in stormy conditions, the LET made first runway contact with its nosegear resulting in a gear collapse and the loss of directional control. The aircraft came to a halt on the runway and all three crewmembers (two pilots and one technician) remained unhurt. The aircraft was operating on behalf of ...

2015-02-03 Garuda ATR-72 runway excursion at Lombok Airport, Indonesia

Narrative On landing runway 13, the aircraft veered off the right side of the runway. The ATR came to rest after it travelled across soft grassy ground for about 50 meters. No person on board is known to have received injury in the event. Damage to the aircraft is considered to be minor. At the ...

2015-01-11 Trigana Air DHC-6 Twin Otter damaged on landing at Enarotali, Papua

Narrative The Twin Otter aircraft approached Enarotali Airfield in windy conditions resulting in a loss of directional control immeidately after touchdown. The pilots managed to halt the aircraft beneath the unpaved runway edge in a ditch where its nosegear broke, the nose and its right propeller was damaged.  No injuries occurred. The aircraft was on a ferry ...
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