2016-01-07 Blue Air Boeing 737-400 ran into snow on landing Cluj

On landing at Cluj Airport, the 737 overran the end of the runway by about 25 meters coming to rest in snowy, but even terrain. There were no reports about any injured persons involved.


2014-01-20 SSAC BN-2A Islander crashed in Romania – Final Report

INVESTIGATION UPDATE: 2014-01-20 YR-BNP, BN-2A Islander, Scoala Superiora de Aviatie Civila Location:  Horea area, Alba Mountains, Romania Final Report of Centrul de Investigatii si Analiza pentru Siguranta Aviatiei Civile - CIAS out URL: Images from the CIAS Report: Images from the CIAS Report:   Tweet © CIAS Probable Cause (translated from CIAS report): The cause of this accident was a loss of power in both engines due to ...