2016-08-05 Amerijet Metroliner no nosegear landing Sint Maarten

The aircraft was damaged when it made a landing on without its nosegear at Sint Maarten Airport, Neth. Antilles. There were no injuries.


2016-04-30 Air Vallee Fokker 50 lands without nosegear at Catania

The Fokker 50 aircraft made a safe nosegear-up landing after the pilots did not succeed in lowering it on approach. All 21 on board remained unhurt.


2016-03-27 Bek Air Fokker 100 damaged in nosegear-up landing at Astana

The aircraft took significant damage in a nose landing at Astana Airport after technical problems. All 121 on board remained unhurt.


2015-10-06 Starbow BAe 146 nosegear collapse on landing at Tamale

On landing at Tamale the aircraft´s nosegear received substantial damage due to circumstances unknown yet. The aircraft came to rest in the overrun safety area.


2015-08-31 Qeshm Airlines RJ-100 nosegear-up landing at Tehran

Narrative On approach to Yazhd Airport, the pilots received indication about a problem with the nosegear system. The nosegear failed to extend. Further approach was abandoned and the pilots elected to return to Tehran. After multiple efforts to lower the nosegear failed, the aircraft was forced to make a nosegear-up landing on runway 29L(eft). The Avro ...

2015-02-10 US Airways (AA) Embraer E-190 nosegear-up landing at Houston-IAH, TX, USA

Narrative The aircraft was damaged during an emergency landing without its nosegear on runway 27 at Houston G.Bush Intercontinental Airport. Earlier on approach the pilots received indication about a malfuncton in the nosegear extension mechanism preventing the gear to lock in the "down" position. After about 45 minutes of unsuccesful attempts to lower it, the ...

2015-01-02 Loganair Saab SF-340 blown off runway at Stornoway Scotland

Narrative On take-off from runway 18 in stormy weather with guts peaking above 30 knots , the Saab 340 veered to the left of the runway until it departed paved surface and ended on soft grass beneath. Its nosegear collapsed before it came to rest.  At least two passengers suffered minor injuries. Stornoway´s main runway 18 ...

2014-08-20 Florida Air Transport Douglas C-54 emergency landing at New Smyrna Beach

The vintage four-engine aircraft made an emergency landing on runway 11 at New Smyrna Beach Airport, FL, USA following a mechanical fault within the nosegear system.


2014-08-07 Aer Caribe An-26 landing without nosegear at Guaviare

On approach the pilots were unable to extend the nose gear.


2014-07-20 United Airways ATR-72 nose gear gave way on landing at Coxs Bazaar

Narrative Following a normal touchdown on landing, the nose un dercarriage sudenly gave way and the nose srike the fuselage producing sparks in the rollout until the ATR came to a safe stop. No passenger or crewmember was reported injured. The lower nose was substantially damaged. Coxs Bazaar Airport was forced to close completely since ...
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