2016-05-22 EasyJet and Ryanair near-miss near Berlin-Schoenefeld

Both aircraft came into close proximity when they fell short of separation minima during in a take-off / go-around situation.


2013-04-12 Report: Ryanair and TAP in near-miss during cruiseflight in Swiss airspace

Swiss accident investigation body (SAIB) reports a near-miss between a Ryanair B737-800 and a TAP Airbus A319 at southeast of Zurich. TCAS and ATC invervened and cleared the situation.


2014-07-20 EgyptAir Boeing 737-800 in near miss event near Copenhagen

The Boeing 737 was on approach to Copenhagen under ATC control, when it encountered a near miss with a Cessna 172 lighttype flying at 4.00 feet. Lateral and vertical separation was less than 35 meters.


2012-06-02 Skywork Do-328 and Helicopter in near miss at Berne

Narrative Probable Cause The serious incident is attributable to the fact that aerodrome control gave take-off clearance to a commercial aircraft on runway 32 without ascertaining the position of the helicopter which the controller had cleared to depart at its own discretion shortly before. The result was that a hazardous convergence with a high risk ...

2014-03-30 near mid-air collision of Swiss Avro RJ-100 and UL plane near Nuremberg

German BFU reports about a near collision between a swiss airliner with 72 on board and a german ultralight plane.


2014-07-03 separation conflict between a B777 and an A320 in Houston airspace

Message 2015-11-26 Singapore AAIB published its investigation report: DOWNLOAD REPORT (pdf) Singapore Airlines flight 61 departed runway15L at Houston G. Bush Intl Airport, and followed a northeastern departure route when ATC instructed the pilots to stop the climb at 5000 ft. At the same time Delta Air Lines Flight 2344 was instructed to hold flight ...