2017-05-27 Summit Air (Nepal) crashed short of runway at Lukla

Two people died when the Let 410 aircraft smashed into trees immediately before landing at Lukla. The other crewmember survived with minor injuries.


2015-08-20 Two LET-410 aircraft crashed after mid-air collision in Slovakia

Both aircraft collided in mid-air during a joint parachuting lift operation from Dubnica Airfield. Seven people in both aircraft did not survive.


2015-03-05 Icar Air Let 410 landing incident at Ancona, Italy

Narrative On landing runway 04 in stormy conditions, the LET made first runway contact with its nosegear resulting in a gear collapse and the loss of directional control. The aircraft came to a halt on the runway and all three crewmembers (two pilots and one technician) remained unhurt. The aircraft was operating on behalf of ...

2014-10-25 Biega Airways Let 410 crash near Shabunda DR Congo

On final approach to the twin engine aircraft lost hieght and impacted uneven terrain about 2 km short of the beggining of the runway.


2014-08-23 Doren Air Congo Let 410 found crashed in eastern Congo

Narrative The aircraft took off from Bukavu-Kavuma Airport at 13:42 local to begin a mixed passenger/cargo flight with 4 people and 1500 kg freight on board to Kama in Maniema Province, a distance of 331 km. The last sign of life was received about 10 minutes after take-off when the pilot issued arouteine radio message ...