Half-Year Safety Analysis 2017

JACDEC Half -Year Safety Analysis 2017 For the first time, we launched a half-year survey about global flight safety this year. Although the significance of safety data analytics based on a 6 month period is reduced compared to a full-year survey, we do believe one can take meaningful statements out of it as well. So …


The JACDEC Airline Safety Vetting now has over 900 operators in the system

JACDEC Airline Safety Vetting NEWS Now more than 900 operators are in the vetting system available for you. Furthermore we added two new parameters, we now display all the serious incidents an airline has got over a period of 2 and 10 years. JACDEC has launched the Vetting Service in 2013. A growing number of ...

Updated JACDEC Airline Safety Ranking for 2015 released

JACDEC is glad to announced this years Airline Safety Ranking Are the safe times gone for good ? The continued good recent development of aviation safety has not continued in 2014. The risk of dying in a flight accident, although remains incredibly low in the past year. But four unmet tragedies made 2014 a memorable and unique accident ...