2015-10-13 Compass E170 runway incursion at Los Angeles

The take-off run was aborted at a late stage after an airport vehicle drove onto the runway.


2015-01-17 JetBlue A320 and Caribbean 737 in runway incursion at New York-JFK

At 22:25 local time, Caribbean flight 526 received landing clearance on runway 22L and vacated the runway via high-speed turnoff „Juliett“ to proceed along „Juliett“ to the terminal. But the crew were instructed to hold before the parallel runway 22R where take-offs took place in short intervals.


2013-09-22 Iberia A319 runway incursion with vehicle at Madrid

The A319 landed on runway 18L at Madrid-Barajas Airport which was occupied by an airport vehicle.


2014-07-15 American Airlines B767-300 runway incursion at Milan-Malpensa Airport

Narrative The 767 landed normally on runway 35R at 09:36L and vacated the runway to the left to proceed to the terminal but need to hold before crossing the parallel runway 35L. However, the 767 failed to stop at the assigned holding line and entered the active landing runway 35L where the Easyjet Airbus A320 was on ...

2014-07-05 Argentine A340 and russian B763 in serious runway incursion at Barcelona, Spain

Message in fine weather, a serious runway incursion occured ta Barcelona´s El Prat Intl Airport. The Aerolineas Argentinas Airbus A340 was taxiing along taxiway "Kilo", crossed the threshold of runway 02 for the 1st time. Then the pilots intended to depart from runway 25R (instead of the shorter 25L) and turned left into taxiway "Delta", crossing the active runway ...