2016-07-01 MChs-EMERCOM Ilyushin IL-76 crashed near Irkutsk

In the early morning hours the IL-76 disappeared on a fire fighting mission near Irkutsk, Russia.


2015-05-04 Yemeni Air Force IL-76 destroyed in air-raid at Sanaa

Narrative The parked Ilyushin IL-76 was destroyed during a saud-led air-trike on the civilian side of Sanaa Airport. The IL-76 was hit in the wings. Leaking fuel lead to a large fire quickly consuming most of the aircraft. Four other persons at or near the airport have been reported killed during the air-strikes. The air ...

2014-06-14 Ukraine Air Force IL-76 shot down near Lugansk, eastern Ukraine

The aircraft was approaching Lugansk Aerodrome when it was hit by anti-air fire (RPM ang machine gun) from the ground, possibly by pro russian seperatists. The pilots lost control and crashed near the airport. There were no survivors. Russianplanes(trnsl): Acft. was destroyed by the fighting while landing at the airport in Lugansk. According to preliminary …