2016-08-27 MASwings DHC-6 off runway at Marudi

On landing, the Twin Otter veered off the runway coming to rest on the grass. No one on board was harmed.


2016-02-24 Tara Air Twin Otter crashed in Myagdi District, Nepal

Carrying 23 people, the propeller aircraft went missing on a scheduled flight from Pokhara. The wreckage was found in jungle in Myagdi District. There were no survivors.


2015-10-26 MASWings Twin Otter veered off runway at Mukah

On landing, the aircraft ran off the side of the runway coming to rest on the grass. No one on board was hurt.


2015-10-02 Aviastar Mandiri DHC-6 Twin Otter found crashed near Mount Latimojong

On a routine passenger flight contact to the aircraft has been lost eleven minutes after departure from Masamba. A search and rescue mission is underway.


2015-08-28 First Flying DHC-6 Twin Otter off runway at Okinawa

On landing at Aguni Island, the aircraft received substantial damage when it veered off the runway.


2015-01-11 Trigana Air DHC-6 Twin Otter damaged on landing at Enarotali, Papua

Narrative The Twin Otter aircraft approached Enarotali Airfield in windy conditions resulting in a loss of directional control immeidately after touchdown. The pilots managed to halt the aircraft beneath the unpaved runway edge in a ditch where its nosegear broke, the nose and its right propeller was damaged.  No injuries occurred. The aircraft was on a ferry ...

2014-09-27 Air Labrador DHC-6 Twin Otter damaged on landing at La Tabatiere

Narrative The aircraft made a rough landing on the gravel runway at La Tabatiere in which its nosewheel broke. Flying debris eventually hit the right propeller and from there smashed against the left cockpit section causing a large hole in the fuselade just aft of the copilot´s window (red ovals in photos). Despite drifting off ...

2014-02-16 Nepal Airlines DHC-6 Twin Otter crash final report out

Narrative The aircraft went missing in bad weather conditions when it flew into ground about half an hour after departure from Pokhara Airport. Apparently due to weather concerns, the pilots earlier considered to divert to Bhairawawa Airport, located about 50 NM southwest of Pokhara but failed to report any further position. The pilots made last ...