2015-03-05 Delta McDD MD-88 hit dike on landing at New York-La Guardia Airport

On landing runway 13 in snow, the MD-88 exited the left side of the runway coming to rest on a dike.


2016-04-27 two Delta Air Lines MDs in runway conflict at Atlanta

Two Delta Air Lines aircraft, one taxiing to the terminal the other about to take-off, came into ground conflict to each other after ATC error at Atlanta Airport, GA, USA.


2015-06-17 Delta Boeing 747-400 badly damaged by hail over China

Whilst flying en-route the aircraft encountered intense hailstrike causing substantial damage.


2015-06-16 Delta and Southwest aircraft runway incursion at Chicago-Midway

Narrative Both aircraft were involved in a ground incursion at Chicago-Midway Airport. The Delta Air Lines Boeing 717 received clearace for line-up on runway 04R(right) while the Southwest Boeing 737 was also lined-up for take-off on the intersecting runway 31C(center). Both aircraft were instructed to hold on the runway awaiting take-off clearance. After another aircraft ...

2014-07-03 separation conflict between a B777 and an A320 in Houston airspace

Message 2015-11-26 Singapore AAIB published its investigation report: DOWNLOAD REPORT (pdf) Singapore Airlines flight 61 departed runway15L at Houston G. Bush Intl Airport, and followed a northeastern departure route when ATC instructed the pilots to stop the climb at 5000 ft. At the same time Delta Air Lines Flight 2344 was instructed to hold flight ...