2016-08-03 Emirates Boeing 777-300 crashed on landing at Dubai

Emirates flight EK521 was involved in a landing accident at Dubai Intl Airport, the Boeing 777 was destroyed by fire. It is understood that none of the 300 on board was seriously injured however one of the emergency workers has reported to have been killed.


2016-07-12 Air Georgian Beech 1900 nosegear collapse at Calgary

The aircraft was damaged when its nosegear collapsed on landing. All on board remained unhurt.


2013-07-06 Asiana Boeing 777-200 impact with seawall at San Francisco

Narrative Probable Cause The National Transportation Safety Board determines that the probable cause of this accident was the flight crew’s mismanagement of the airplane’s descent during the visual approach, the pilot flying’s unintended deactivation of automatic airspeed control, the flight crew’s inadequate monitoring of airspeed, and the flight crew’s delayed execution of a go-around after ...