2014-03-08 Malaysia Airlines MH370 disappeared over Gulf of Thailand

UPDATE 2016-11-02 ATSB Technical Report of Search and Debris Examination View & Download ATSB Tech Report [HERE] Analysis Damage to the internal seal pan components at the inboard end of the outboard flap was possible with the auxiliary support track fully inserted into the flap. That damage was consistent with contact between the support track and flap, ...

2015-07-06 Emirates Boeing 777-200 collides with Hak Air 737 at Lagos

Narrative The 777 was taxiing for departure to runway 18L(eft) along the eastern parallel taxiway facing north, the its right outer wing sliced through the tailfin of a Hak Air Boeing 737 resulting in substantial damage. It appears the 737 was parked outside its marked parking area, narrowing space for larger jets taxiing behind. The ...

2015-05-02 Air France Boeing 777-200 „Pull-up“ warning near Mount Cameroon

Narrative French BEA reported, the aircraft was flying from Malabo to Douala (distance: 62 NM) flying en-route at 9000 ft (FL 90) when the pilots elected to deviate further north in order to avoid thunderstorm activity along their planned route. Whilst flying in darkness and IMC conditions (in clouds) the automated enhanced ground proximity warning system (EGPWS) was activated indicating rising terrain ...

2013-07-06 Asiana Boeing 777-200 impact with seawall at San Francisco

Narrative Probable Cause The National Transportation Safety Board determines that the probable cause of this accident was the flight crew’s mismanagement of the airplane’s descent during the visual approach, the pilot flying’s unintended deactivation of automatic airspeed control, the flight crew’s inadequate monitoring of airspeed, and the flight crew’s delayed execution of a go-around after ...