2017-07-29 CAVOK Antonov AN-74 overran runway at Sao Tome

Whilst doing an aborted take-off, the aircraft ran beyond the end of the runway where it fell down an embankment and was damaged beyond repair. All six crewmembers survived with injuries.


2016-08-08 PIA Airbus A320 off runway at Islamabad due engine failure

On landing the aircraft veered off the side of the runway coming to rest entirely on the grass. All on board remained unhurt in the event.


2014-07-11 Transavia Boeing 737-800 hit by birds near Girona

Narrative On final approach to runway 20 at Girona Costa Brava Airport in final dusk, the aircrafts flightpath crossed a flock of seagulls. Several birds impacted on the nose, the cockpit windows, the engine intakes and the right wing leading edges. However, the pilots keep full control of the aircraft and manged to continue the ...