2016-10-28 American AL B763 on fire during take-off at Chicago O’Hare Airport

The Boeing 767 was severely damaged when when a large fire broke out on its right side during take-off at Chiacgo O’Hare Airport. There were about 20 injured occupants during the emergency evacuation.


2016-02-17 AA B738 and WN B737 planes in ground collision at Detroit

Both aircraft received damage in a ground collision at Detroit-Metropolitan Airport. All persons inide both aircraft remained unhurt.


2014-07-15 American Airlines B767-300 runway incursion at Milan-Malpensa Airport

Narrative The 767 landed normally on runway 35R at 09:36L and vacated the runway to the left to proceed to the terminal but need to hold before crossing the parallel runway 35L. However, the 767 failed to stop at the assigned holding line and entered the active landing runway 35L where the Easyjet Airbus A320 was on ...