2017-07-18 Smartwings Airbus A320 runway excursion at Bourgas

The A320 ran off the landing runway at Bourgas Airport in heavy rain coming to rest with all gear off the runway. All on board remained unhurt.


2016-10-11 China Eastern A320 and A330 in runway incursion at Shanghai

Both aircraft missed each other by only a narrow margin on the ground at Shanghai Airport, China.


2016-08-17 Fokker 50 and A320 in runway incursion at Adelaide

The taxiing Fokker 50 mistakenly entered an active runway where the A320 was about to land forcing the latter to make an missed approach to avoid a potential conflict.


2016-02-21 Small Planet Airbus A320 off runway at Birmingham

After landing, the A320 veered off the taxiway coming to rest on the grass at Birmingham-Intl Airport, UK.


2016-01-27 two China Eastern Airbus damaged in ground collision at Shanghai

Both aircraft clipped wings at lower speed causing damage to the wings. It is understood that no one was hurt in the event.


2014-12-28 Indonesia AirAsia Airbus A320 crashed into Java Sea, Indonesia

UPDATE 2015-01-15 Flight QZ 8501 went missing whilst flying en-route from Surabaya to Singapore at flight level 320 (32.000) towards waypoint RAFIS (see map) and was later found to have crashed into sea. 


2015-03-24 Germanwings A320 crashed in southern France

2016-03-13 BEA released the final investigation report.


2014-07-09 Shaheen Air Airbus A320 rolls against equipment at Islamabad

Message The aircraft was parked at bay #5 after arriving on flight NL720 from Jeddah when it was caught by high winds and began to move foreward until its nosegear hit a conveyor belt loader. The underside of the nose came into contact with a ground power unit (GPU) until the Airbus stopped. Nobody was ...

2014-07-07 AirAsia A320 skidded off runway at Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei

Message On landing runway 03 in intense rainfall, the pilots lost directional control and the A320 skidded off to the right side of the runway where it came to a stop on soft grass. An emergency evacuation was carried out via chutes. All on board remained unhurt in the event. The runway was flodded with ...

2014-07-04 Air Via Airbus A320 tailstrike landing at Leipzig

Message In clear weather and calm winds, the A320 failed to land within lengh of runway 08R and touched down hard short of the runway threshold. The aircraft bounced and touched down for a second time at the very beginning of the runway (in the area of the 'piano keys') in a nose-high attitude resulting ...