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  • The information provided by JACDEC Database is believed to be correct as at the date of last update. JACDEC currently holds over 80,000 single safety information in its records, Each day JACDEC provides continous effort in adding, correct or update any sort of its content.
  • Whilst reasonable care is taken in compiling the information, JACDEC does not warrant the data in it to be free of error or omission. Accordingly any use that is made of the information available is at the user’s own risk and does not obviate the need to make any necessary enquiries or searches.
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  • Any purchase of JACDEC safety information products includes acceptance of the above mentioned sales conditions. All conditions are subject to change without further notice.

Refund Policy

Subscribers wishing to have their subscriptions refunded should contact JACDEC. We accept refunds in the following cases:
  • Monthly and Annual subscribers if the refund request is initiated during the first month after the start of subscription
  • Subscribers who used the paypal payment server and were automatically renewed at the end of the previous subscription period, if they initiate their refund request during the 15 days following the automatic renewal
Customers asking for a refund may not have used any JACDEC online services at any time during the subscription they wish to see refunded. JACDEC and its services providers keep logs of all uses of its services. In particular JACDEC will not grant a refund to customers who sign up for subscription, fetch information that is needed, then request a refund.
Extensive browsing of JACDEC online contents is provided at no charge prior to making a purchasing decision and JACDEC expects customers expectations to be met at all times.
JACDEC reserves the right to deny refund requests if any of the above conditions are not met, or for any other reason deemed appropriate.
Fees (10-15 euros or more) may apply to process a refund depending on payment channel and refund urgency. Allow 2-5 weeks for refund. Additional fees may apply for urgent refunds which need to be processed manually outside regular accounting schedules.

Privacy Policy

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When you visit our website, we may request and collect your contact information. For donations and purchases of subscriptions, we use Paypal to handle all payments.
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