Country Safety Reports

Country Safety Reports

By obtaining a Country Safety Report you are professionally informed about the current safety situation in the country of your choice.

This expertise gives you the best possible overview of all recognized safety parameters plus a safety analysis of the largest airlines in the country as well as a professional comparison to other countries.

All available data sources from governmental and supranational organizations (e.g. IOSA, IASA or USOAP) are included in this report used to give you a professional assessment of flight safety.

Each country is different in workload volume for us because of different air-traffic situations. In case you have any further questions about this product, please send us a message and we will give you as much information as possible.

All price information and how to order a Country Safety Report, please visit the Country Safety Report – Order Page .

Whats inside a Country Safety Report ?

  • Political and Social Democraphic Data
  • General Air Transport Data & Statistics
  • Air Safety Parameters | Global Safety Indicators
  • Regional Country Safety Vetting
  • Regional Country Risk Factors
  • Active Travel Warnings
  • Vetting: Major Airlines
  • Vetting: Major Airports
  • 30Year Database Analysis: Accidents and Incidents
  • Accident and Incident List
  • Overall Safety Evaluation
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