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2016 Global Safety Review

2016 JACDEC Global Safety Review The year 2016 from a statistic perspective continued the long term trend of less fatalities and less hull loss* accidents than previous decades. Preliminary numbers of the JACDEC Database System shows the following: 2016 All Cases  632 2016 Hull Losses 37 2016 Serious Incidents 219 2016 Incidents 376 2016 Fatalities 321 …


2016-05-22 EasyJet and Ryanair near-miss near Berlin-Schoenefeld

Both aircraft came into close proximity when they fell short of separation minima during in a take-off / go-around situation.


2015 Jacdec Global Safety Review

Everything allright again ? After a turbulent year 2014, the flight safety numbers of the past year pointed to a positive direction again. The fact that it was not enough for a record year, was also due to two accidents that were obviously caused willfully. Overall, we look back on a year, which seems encouraging, ...

2015-01-03 Safety Review of 2015 – JACDEC Summary Report

The year 2015 has seen 521 1) fatalities in commercial aviation. This number has significantly declined compared to the year before (2014 = 970).


2015-12-10 EU Black List of Banned Airlines Update

2015-12-10 NEW EU Blacklist Released The European Commission published the latest version of the EU air safety list (in the industry known as the "EU Black List") Headline: The update clears Kazakh carrier Air Astana, but adds Iraqi Airways. The updated EU Air Safety List clears Kazakh carrier Air Astana, whose operations in the EU had been ...

2014-12-28 Indonesia AirAsia Airbus A320 crashed into Java Sea, Indonesia

UPDATE 2015-01-15 Flight QZ 8501 went missing whilst flying en-route from Surabaya to Singapore at flight level 320 (32.000) towards waypoint RAFIS (see map) and was later found to have crashed into sea. 


2014-03-08 Malaysia Airlines MH370 disappeared over Gulf of Thailand

UPDATE 2016-11-02 ATSB Technical Report of Search and Debris Examination View & Download ATSB Tech Report [HERE] Analysis Damage to the internal seal pan components at the inboard end of the outboard flap was possible with the auxiliary support track fully inserted into the flap. That damage was consistent with contact between the support track and flap, ...

The JACDEC Airline Safety Vetting now has over 900 operators in the system

JACDEC Airline Safety Vetting NEWS Now more than 900 operators are in the vetting system available for you. Furthermore we added two new parameters, we now display all the serious incidents an airline has got over a period of 2 and 10 years. JACDEC has launched the Vetting Service in 2013. A growing number of ...

2013-04-29 National Air Cargo Boeing 747-400F crash at Bagram – Final Report

INVESTIGATION UPDATE: 2013-04-29 N949CA, Boeing 747-400F, National Air Cargo at Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan Final Report of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) URL: PDF-Download: Tweet © LIVELeak | Probable Cause (NTSB): The National Transportation Safety Board determines that the probable cause of this accident was National Airlines’ inadequate procedures for restraining special cargo loads, which resulted in ...

2015 half year safety analysis

JACDEC First Half Year Accident & Incident Review Tweet The months January until June 2015 from a statistical point of view. Despite a decrease in fatalities, hull losses [expl. Hull Loss] and serious incidents [expl. Serious Incident ] the rate of fatal occurences has risen. All entries in the JACDEC Database from January 1st until Jun 30th 2015. Number of Cases Hull ...
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