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2015-12-10 EU Black List of Banned Airlines Update

2015-12-10 NEW EU Blacklist Released The European Commission published the latest version of the EU air safety list (in the industry known as the "EU Black List") Headline: The update clears Kazakh carrier Air Astana, but adds Iraqi Airways. The updated EU Air Safety List clears Kazakh carrier Air Astana, whose operations in the EU had been ...

2015-10-08 Parts of turkish airspace restriced because of military activity

Due to ongoing multinational military traffic and combat operations the upper airspace in southeastern Turkey and along the border to Syria is no longer open for civilian aircraft. (see chart below) As of Oct 7 2015, air traffic control advised all operators flying in , out and through this specific airspace to avoid conflict situations. Operators were ...

JACDEC Analysis: Country Safety Study

In co-coperation with Country Safety Analysis conducted by AirlinePROFILER supported by JACDEC database systems. Globalization, harmonization and standardization are the keywords in todays commercial aviation business. In terms of operational safety matters, the times where each country does it alone are definetely gone for good. Supranational institutions like ICAO´s IOSA airline safety auditings, the universal country ...

2017-07-31 New Iraq Overflight Restrictions by FAA

Narrative Iraq overflight restrictions for US Airlines The Federal Aviation Administration is restricting U.S. airlines from flying at or below 30,000 feet over Iraq because of what it calls "the potentially hazardous situation created by the armed conflict" there. Previously, the FAA issued an overflight minimum of 20.000 feet. There were fears that heavily armed militias ...