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2014-12-29 Virgin Atlantic Airways B747-400 landed minus one maingear at Gatwick Airport

Virgin Flight 43 safely returned to land at London-Gatwick Airport on just 3 of its 4 gear legs after its right outer maingear failed to extend follwing hydraulic problems.


2014-12-28 Air Services BN-2A Islander missing in western Guyana with 2 on board

The aircraft went missing on a intra-guyana flight with two crewmembers on board when it failed to arrive at its destination. No trace of the wreckage or its occupants was found.


2014-12-21 Daily Air Dornier Do-228 made belly landing at Taitung, Taiwan

The Dornier aircraft was badly damaged in a belly ladning at Taitung. Both pilots remained unhurt.


2014-12-12 Sri Lankan Air Force Antonov An-32 crash near Ratmalana

At least 4 crewmembers died when the aircraft crashed about 10 km northeast of Ratmalana while on approach in fog.


2013-10-16 Lao Airlines ATR-72 Crashed Into River Near Pakse – Final Report Out

On Friday, Nov. 28 2014, the Lao Ministry of Public Works and Transport published the final accident report of the Lao Airlines ATR-72 Flight QV 301 which crashed into Mekong river after executing a missed approach in bad weather.


2014-11-14 Global Airlift HS-748 crashed on approach near Panyagor

The cargo aircraft crashed short of the runway at Panyagor, in Jonglei State, breaking apart on impact.


2014-11-07 Ariana Afghan Boeing 737 damaged in landing accident at Kabul

the aircraft weas damaged when its right undercarriage failed forcing the right engine to strike the ground on landing at Kabul, Afghanistan.


2014-10-25 Biega Airways Let 410 crash near Shabunda DR Congo

On final approach to the twin engine aircraft lost hieght and impacted uneven terrain about 2 km short of the beggining of the runway.


2014-02-16 Nepal Airlines DHC-6 Twin Otter crash final report out

Narrative The aircraft went missing in bad weather conditions when it flew into ground about half an hour after departure from Pokhara Airport. Apparently due to weather concerns, the pilots earlier considered to divert to Bhairawawa Airport, located about 50 NM southwest of Pokhara but failed to report any further position. The pilots made last ...

2012-06-02 Skywork Do-328 and Helicopter in near miss at Berne

Narrative Probable Cause The serious incident is attributable to the fact that aerodrome control gave take-off clearance to a commercial aircraft on runway 32 without ascertaining the position of the helicopter which the controller had cleared to depart at its own discretion shortly before. The result was that a hazardous convergence with a high risk ...
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