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2017-12-13 WestWind ATR-42 crashed after take-off Fond Du Lac

The ATR-42 aircraft crashed shortly after take-off from Fond Du Lac, Canada with 25 on board. It is understood that there were no fatalities.


2017-11-11 MyCargo – Saudia B744F runway excursion at Maastricht

The Boeing 747 freighter experienced a runway excursion in a take-off abort at Maastricht Airport. All on board remained unhurt.


2017-03-07 Westjet Airlines Boeing 737-800 too low near Sint Maarten

The 737 flew very low above the sea on final approach to Sint Maarten Island until a go-around was initiated. The flight made a safe landing 45 min later.


2017-09-30 Air France Airbus A380 engine cowl separation over Canada

During cruiseflight over NE-Canada, the A380 experienced severe damage to its engine #4 forcing the pilots to make a emergency landing at Goose Bay.


2017-09-30 Air Berlin A320 overran runway Westerland, Sylt

On landing the Airbus A320 came to a halt beyond the end of the runway coming to rest on the grass.


2015-09-05 Ceiba 737-800 mid-air collision with HS-125 Jet over Senegal

The aircraft was involved in a mid-air collision with a Corporate Jet over Senegal. While the 737 landed safely, the latter aircraft later crashed in sea killing all seven on board.


2017-08-03 Wings ATR-72 and Lion Air B737-900 in runway collision at Medan

Both aircraft involved in a ground collision when the 737 was landing and the ATR-72 awaiting take-off. No one on board both aircraft was injured.


2017-07-29 CAVOK Antonov AN-74 overran runway at Sao Tome

Whilst doing an aborted take-off, the aircraft ran beyond the end of the runway where it fell down an embankment and was damaged beyond repair. All six crewmembers survived with injuries.


2017-07-18 TRI-MG Boeing 737-300F runway excursion at Wamena

After a „firm“ landing the aircraft veered to the left of the runway where it ran across soft ground and a canal before ending in badly damaged condition. All five crewmembers remained unhurt.


Half-Year Safety Analysis 2017

JACDEC Half -Year Safety Analysis 2017 For the first time, we launched a half-year survey about global flight safety this year. Although the significance of safety data analytics based on a 6 month period is reduced compared to a full-year survey, we do believe one can take meaningful statements out of it as well. So …

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