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2017-03-07 Westjet Airlines Boeing 737-800 too low near Sint Maarten

The 737 flew very low above the sea on final approach to Sint Maarten Island until a go-around was initiated. The flight made a safe landing 45 min later.


2017-09-30 Air France Airbus A380 engine cowl separation over Canada

During cruiseflight over NE-Canada, the A380 experienced severe damage to its engine #4 forcing the pilots to make a emergency landing at Goose Bay.


2017-09-30 Air Berlin A320 overran runway Westerland, Sylt

On landing the Airbus A320 came to a halt beyond the end of the runway coming to rest on the grass.


2015-09-05 Ceiba 737-800 mid-air collision with HS-125 Jet over Senegal

The aircraft was involved in a mid-air collision with a Corporate Jet over Senegal. While the 737 landed safely, the latter aircraft later crashed in sea killing all seven on board.


2017-08-03 Wings ATR-72 and Lion Air B737-900 in runway collision at Medan

Both aircraft involved in a ground collision when the 737 was landing and the ATR-72 awaiting take-off. No one on board both aircraft was injured.


2017-07-29 CAVOK Antonov AN-74 overran runway at Sao Tome

Whilst doing an aborted take-off, the aircraft ran beyond the end of the runway where it fell down an embankment and was damaged beyond repair. All six crewmembers survived with injuries.


2017-07-18 TRI-MG Boeing 737-300F runway excursion at Wamena

After a „firm“ landing the aircraft veered to the left of the runway where it ran across soft ground and a canal before ending in badly damaged condition. All five crewmembers remained unhurt.


Half-Year Safety Analysis 2017

JACDEC Half -Year Safety Analysis 2017 For the first time, we launched a half-year survey about global flight safety this year. Although the significance of safety data analytics based on a 6 month period is reduced compared to a full-year survey, we do believe one can take meaningful statements out of it as well. So …


2017-06-11 Aer Caribe An-32 off landing runway Tarapaca

  On landing the aircraft was badly damaged in a runway excursion leaving all on board unhurt.


2017-05-31 Sriwijaya Air B737-300 runway excursion at Manokwari

On landing in rain, the 737 ran off the end of the runway coming to rest with its nosegear collapsed. None of the 152 on board was injured.

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