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2014-09-06 Jubba Airways Fokker 50 in runway excursion at Mogadishu

Narrative On landing at Mogadishu Airport (apparently runway 05) the pilots reportedly lost control directional control of the aircraft or they expereinced a brake failure. The Fokker 50 went off to the right side of the runway where it ran into a ditch and collided with a concrete wall. The nose was crushed additinal damage ...

2014-04-14 Sun Express Germany Boeing 737-800 too close to terrain at Kayseri

The tourist laden Boeing 737-800 received multiple low-altitude and terrain collision alerts wile on approach to the airport from the east.


2014-07-14-17 Tripolis Airport attack, several civilian aircraft damaged or destroyed

Again after the attacks on Sunday 13th of July, the international airport of Tripolis became the target of rival militia groups who wants to take control of the airfield.


2014-08-23 Doren Air Congo Let 410 found crashed in eastern Congo

Narrative The aircraft took off from Bukavu-Kavuma Airport at 13:42 local to begin a mixed passenger/cargo flight with 4 people and 1500 kg freight on board to Kama in Maniema Province, a distance of 331 km. The last sign of life was received about 10 minutes after take-off when the pilot issued arouteine radio message ...

2013-09-22 Iberia A319 runway incursion with vehicle at Madrid

The A319 landed on runway 18L at Madrid-Barajas Airport which was occupied by an airport vehicle.


2014-08-15 Links Air Jetstream 31 landing accident at Doncaster

The aircraft suffered a collapse of its left main gear on landing at Doncaster -Robin Hood Airport, UK.


2014-08-10 Sepahan Airlines AN-140 crash near Tehran

The regional aircraft crashed only a mile from the runway at Tehran Merhabad Airport.


2014-03-30 near mid-air collision of Swiss Avro RJ-100 and UL plane near Nuremberg

German BFU reports about a near collision between a swiss airliner with 72 on board and a german ultralight plane.


2017-07-31 New Iraq Overflight Restrictions by FAA

Narrative Iraq overflight restrictions for US Airlines The Federal Aviation Administration is restricting U.S. airlines from flying at or below 30,000 feet over Iraq because of what it calls "the potentially hazardous situation created by the armed conflict" there. Previously, the FAA issued an overflight minimum of 20.000 feet. There were fears that heavily armed militias ...

2014-07-28 T.A. Ribeiro EMB-110 Bandeirante landed in corn field near Foz do Iguacu

The propeller driven aircraft sustained irrepairable damge in a forced landing after mechanical troubles.

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