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2014-01-04 Skyward Intl Fokker 50 made belly landing at Nairobi, Kenya

The aircraft made a safe belly landing at Nairobi-Jomo Kenyatta Intl Airport, leaving all on board unhurt.


2015-01-03 Kazan Antonov An-26 off runway on take-off at Magadan

The An-26 was substantially damaged in a take-off accident at Magadan.


2013-10-16 Lao Airlines ATR-72 Crashed Into River Near Pakse – Final Report Out

On Friday, Nov. 28 2014, the Lao Ministry of Public Works and Transport published the final accident report of the Lao Airlines ATR-72 Flight QV 301 which crashed into Mekong river after executing a missed approach in bad weather.


2013-04-12 Report: Ryanair and TAP in near-miss during cruiseflight in Swiss airspace

Swiss accident investigation body (SAIB) reports a near-miss between a Ryanair B737-800 and a TAP Airbus A319 at southeast of Zurich. TCAS and ATC invervened and cleared the situation.


2014-10-29 Skyway Enterprises Shorts 360 impacted sea after take-off from Sint Maarten

Narrative About a minute after take-off in darkness from runway 28 at Princess Juliana intl Airport in Sint Maarten, the SH-360 twin engine propeller driven aircraft lost height and impacted water about three miles off shore. Rescue units in ships and boats only rescued one the co-pilot who was not alive any more. The other ...

2014-10-12 ACSA BAe Jetstream 31 destroyed in landing accident at Punta Cana

Narrative On landing runway 08 in darkness and normal weather conditions, the aircraft ran off the left side of the runway. The aircraft collided with bushes and trees ans apparently lost parts of its untercarriage until it came to a stop where it caught fire and burned to destruction. All on board were able to ...

2014-07-20 EgyptAir Boeing 737-800 in near miss event near Copenhagen

The Boeing 737 was on approach to Copenhagen under ATC control, when it encountered a near miss with a Cessna 172 lighttype flying at 4.00 feet. Lateral and vertical separation was less than 35 meters.


2014-02-16 Nepal Airlines DHC-6 Twin Otter crash final report out

Narrative The aircraft went missing in bad weather conditions when it flew into ground about half an hour after departure from Pokhara Airport. Apparently due to weather concerns, the pilots earlier considered to divert to Bhairawawa Airport, located about 50 NM southwest of Pokhara but failed to report any further position. The pilots made last ...

2012-06-02 Skywork Do-328 and Helicopter in near miss at Berne

Narrative Probable Cause The serious incident is attributable to the fact that aerodrome control gave take-off clearance to a commercial aircraft on runway 32 without ascertaining the position of the helicopter which the controller had cleared to depart at its own discretion shortly before. The result was that a hazardous convergence with a high risk ...

2014-09-06 Jubba Airways Fokker 50 in runway excursion at Mogadishu

Narrative On landing at Mogadishu Airport (apparently runway 05) the pilots reportedly lost control directional control of the aircraft or they expereinced a brake failure. The Fokker 50 went off to the right side of the runway where it ran into a ditch and collided with a concrete wall. The nose was crushed additinal damage ...
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