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2014-07-13 Afriqiyah Airways Airbus A330 seriously damaged by gunfire at Tripolis

Narrative The empty A330 was parked on the main apron when its aft fuselage was hit by a gunfire and shelling resulting in substantial fuselage damage. Many bullets punctured the tail and adjacent empennage. Earlier the day, heavy fighting between rival militia broke out near the airport. According to local media sources, one wing tank was ...

2014-07-03 separation conflict between a B777 and an A320 in Houston airspace

Message 2015-11-26 Singapore AAIB published its investigation report: DOWNLOAD REPORT (pdf) Singapore Airlines flight 61 departed runway15L at Houston G. Bush Intl Airport, and followed a northeastern departure route when ATC instructed the pilots to stop the climb at 5000 ft. At the same time Delta Air Lines Flight 2344 was instructed to hold flight ...

2014-07-04 Air Via Airbus A320 tailstrike landing at Leipzig

Message In clear weather and calm winds, the A320 failed to land within lengh of runway 08R and touched down hard short of the runway threshold. The aircraft bounced and touched down for a second time at the very beginning of the runway (in the area of the 'piano keys') in a nose-high attitude resulting ...

2014-06-24 Asiana Flight 214 – NTSB identifies probable cause

Asiana 214 Crew Errors Caused Accident, Rules NTSB   Asiana 214 Crew Errors Caused Accident, Rules NTSB   The NTSB determined that the flight crew mismanaged the initial approach and that the airplane was well above the desired glidepath as it neared the runway. In response to the excessive altitude, the captain selected an inappropriate ...

2014-06-17 private Grumman G-21 Goose crashed near Lost Trail Ski, MT, USA

Message The aircraft went out of controlled flight and entered a spin until it impacted the parking lot of the Lost Trail Pass, Powder Mountain. The aircraft exploded at impact and the fire almost consumed the entire aircraft. The pilot - the only person on board- received fatal injuries. At the time there was intense ...

2011-10-13 Airlines PNG DHC-8-100 SE of Madang, PNG – Final Report out

Papua New Guinea Accident Investigation Commission (AIC) released the final report of the accident of an Airlines PNG DHC-8-100 (P2-MCJ) 35 km south south east of Madang, PNG in which 28 of the 32 people on board were killed. DOWNLOAD FINAL REPORT (PDF)  FINDINGS From the evidence available, the following findings are made with respect …

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