2013-10-16 Lao Airlines ATR-72 Crashed Into River Near Pakse – Final Report Out


2013-10-16 Lao Airlines ATR-72 Crashed Into River Near Pakse – Final Report Out


On Friday, Nov. 28 2014, the Lao Ministry of Public Works and Transport published the final accident report of the Lao Airlines ATR-72 Flight QV 301 which crashed into Mekong river after executing a missed approach in bad weather.

Lao MPWT press release:

The probable cause of this accident were the sudden change of weather condition and the flight crew’s failure to properly execute the published instrument approach, including the published missed approach procedure, which resulted in the aircraft impacting the terrain.

The following factors may have contributed to the accident:

• The flight crew’s decision to continue the approach below the published minima

• The flight crew’s selection of an altitude in the AL T SEL window below the minima, which led to misleading FD horizontal bar readings during the go-around

• Possible Somatogravic illusions suffered by the PF

• The automatic reappearance of the FD crossbars consistent with the operating logic of the aeroplane systems, but inappropriate for the go-around

• The inadequate monitoring of primary flight parameters during the go-around, which may have been worsened by the PM’s attention all tunneling on the management of the aircraft flap configuration

• The flight crew’s limited coordination that led to a mismatch of action plans between the PF and the PM during the final approach

Accident Report (pdf)


Date: 2013-10-16 Time: 15:55
Location: VLPS PKZ Pakse area
Country: Laos
Flight phase: APR – Initial Approach (IFR), Final Approach, all Circuit Patterns, Missed Approach/Go-Around
Damage to a/c: hull loss

Flight no.: QV 301
From: VLVT/VTE: Vientiane Wattay To: VLPS/PKZ: Pakse
Type: Passenger
Operator: Lao Airlines

Type: ATR-72
Registration: RDPL-34233
Age a/c: 0,6 years
Constr. No.: 1071


Occupants & Casualties

Crew Pax Other Total
Occupants 5 44 0 49
Fatalities 5 44 0 49
Injuries 0 0 0 0

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