2014-07-02 Skyward Intl Fokker 50 crashed into houses at Nairobi


2014-07-02 Skyward Intl Fokker 50 crashed into houses at Nairobi


Soon after lift-off at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, the Fokker 50 failed to gain sufficient height until it hit an electricitiy pole and crashed into two commercial buildings in a populated district of the city.
There were no survivors among the crew members.
Two security guards on the ground were injured by the accident which took place in pre-dawn darkness.

The aircraft was carrying a load of Khat, a mild stimulant which is very common in eastern Africa.

Local weather at the time was reported good with excellent visibility and calm winds.

 NOTE: this is the 2nd hull loss event for Skyward Intl after the company lost another Fokker 50 in a  landing accident in the Sudan in 2012



Date: 2014-07-02 Time: 04:17
Location: Utawala, Embakasi, Nairobi area
Country: Kenya
Flight phase: ICL – Airborne – 1.000 ft AGL
Damage to a/c: hull loss

Flight no.: 
From: HKJK/NBO: Nairobi Intl To: HCMM/MGQ: Mogadishu
Type: Cargo
Operator: Skyward International
Leased from: Unknown

Type: Fokker 50
Registration: 5Y-CET
Age a/c: 21.8 years
Constr. No.: 20262
Former operators.: Denim Air, Ocean Air, Air Nostrum, Lufthansa Cityline
Former safety occurences.: 2011-07-11 engine oil indication, returned to land


Crew Pax Other Total
Occupants 4 0
Fatalities 4 0 0 0
Injuries 0 0 2 0

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