2014-01-12 Southwest B737 N272WN landed at wrong airport, Missouri


2014-01-12 Southwest B737 N272WN landed at wrong airport, Missouri

Skyvector Chart KBBG

Date: 2014-01-12
Location: KPLK Clark
Country: USA
Google Maps: (Insert Link to Google here)
Flight phase: LDG – Flare, Landing Roll, Aborted Landing after Touchdown
Damage to a/c: none
Flight no.: WN 4013
From: KMDW/MDW: Chicago Midway To: KBBG/BKG: Branson
Type: Passenger
Operator: Southwest Airlines
Leased from: Unknown
Type: Boeing 737-700
Registration: N272WN
Age a/c: 6.8329 years
Constr. No.: 32527
  Crew Pax Other Total
Occupants 5 124    
Fatalities 0 0 0 0
Injuries 0 0 0 0
The 737 was operating on a scheduled flight from Chicago´s Midway on a visual approach to runway 12 at Hollister Branson Airport (KBBG) but erroneously landed instead at Branson´s Graham Creek Airport (KPLK).

Despite the much shorter runway (only 1140 m instead of 2200 m at Branson Airport) the pilots landed safely and came to a stop just before the end of the runway. All on board remained safe.

Both Airports are 5.8 NM apart nd have roughly the same runway layout.

Graham Creek Airport is a tabletop airport surrounded by steep, downloping terrain offering no overrun capabilities.

Jacdec Incident ID: 2014-01-12-B737

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